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What Is Street Aware?

‘Street Aware’ is a bespoke school drug education programme, providing in depth information around the dangers of substance misuse, in particular ‘Legal highs/new psychoactive substances’. The street aware programme staff work in a non-judgemental, honest and open manner.

Why Choose Street Aware?

• We have a duty of care to our future generations.
• Drug misuse can destroy lives, individuals and their families.
• Initial spending can reduce costs in the long term.
• It is proven that family and community based longer term drug education based interventions have an impact in preventing harm to young people.
• It highlights further treatment options should individuals need it rather than a delay when support is needed.
• It promotes community inclusion and improves chances for young people and their families.
• Creates well informed young people able to carry those messages throughout their lives to also save others.

The Street Aware Programme Includes:

• Drug awareness sessions and assemblies
• Discussion groups
• Resource development
• Lesson plans
• Teacher training and enhanced learning
• Ongoing support and policy development
• Peer mentoring
• Parent engagement sessions

For more information about Street Aware and what we have to offer, go to the official website at: