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Who is the service for?
Medicar is for people who need to take medically related journeys and are not able to use public transport because of ill-health (short or long term), caring responsibilities, old age or disability.

Medically related social journeys, such as visits to hospitals or day care centres are undertaken, depending on driver availability.

People who are able to transfer themselves in and out of an ordinary car with minimum help from the driver. If you require help, you will need to arrange for a friend, relative or carer to accompany you. Under 18 year olds, must have an adult to accompany them.

What does the service cost?
● All journeys are charged at 45p per mile.
● An administrative charge of £3 is made for each journey with effect from 1st October 2020. All monies are paid to the driver, who will also provide a receipt on request.
● Any parking fees applicable to the journey.

How to use the Medicar service:
● Contact the Medicar office, book your journey and register with us. The friendly team will be happy to answer any questions you may have, telephone 024 7664 0088.
● Give as much notice as possible (at the very minimum 2 working days) of your appointment.
● Inform us as quickly as possible of changes and cancellations.
● Give the names of all passengers when the journey is booked, including anyone who is travelling with you to help you. This is required for insurance purposes.
● Wear a seatbelt.
● Do not smoke in the vehicle.
● Please remember, Medicar is not a cheap taxi service. Medicar users who ask drivers to take them
somewhere other than the designated destination (for example shopping) may not be allowed to use the service in the future.

About the service:
The service is managed by Volunteer Friends. All drivers are volunteers, giving their time freely and using their own vehicle to provide the service. Opening times: 9.30am to 1pm Monday to Friday.

Services include;
• one way
• two way
• wait and return